R+CO LOVE Affiliate FAQs

R+Co wants to support the entire salon community with our R+Co Love Affiliate Program! Become a member and start earning commission when customers purchase R+Co products using your link!

What is the R+Co Affiliate Program?

The R+Co Affiliate Program was designed to help R+Co partners bring in extra revenue. In the first 6 weeks of our Affiliate Program launch, R+Co paid out more than $500,000 in commissions to salons around the country. R+Co partners who join the program can earn 40%* on all sales from clients without dealing with fulfillment and shipping. We’ll give you a unique referral link to share with your clients and you will receive commission for any orders placed by your client within 30 days of the original click.

Please note that the rate and payment schedule are a temporary adjustment and will be subject to change once normal business is resumed. Our set commission rate for this program is 20% that is paid on a monthly basis.

How can I join the program?

To join the affiliate program you must be an active R+Co partner. If you would like to inquire about how you can carry R+Co and become an affiliate please email affiliates@randco.com for more information. After you've met the necessary requirements, you'll be able to set up your R+Co affiliate account! R+Co auto-enrolled active accounts into the program already. All qualified participants received an email with credentials to access the portal. If you haven’t received your credentials or have any questions, please contact your account consultant or brand manager.

What are some important things to know about the R+Co Affiliate Program?

Please don't comment or post your referral link on any R+Co brand social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). However, please DO post your referral link to your own personal or professional social media accounts.

For more specific rules and regulations please review our terms and conditions HERE.

What is my R+Co affiliate account?

We partnered with affiliate marketing software company Refersion to make the affiliate program possible. Refersion powers your affiliate account when you set it up on https://affiliates.randco.com/affiliate/login. Through Refersion, you can access a dashboard in the “My Account” section of the website that includes your unique referral link, financials, conversion details, payment history and settings.

How will I be paid for my sales?

Our payment process is simple! This is YOUR business and we're here to support you on your terms. We pay you directly through ACH bank transfer. You can easily check your R+Co affiliate balances at any time by visiting the dashboard in the “My Account” section. Payouts can take 1 to 3 business days to be visible in your designated bank account depending on bank processing times.

What personal documents do I need to set up my account and where are they stored?

To set up an affiliate account with Refersion, you’ll need to submit a W9 and your banking information, depending on your preferred payment method—all securely managed by Refersion. R+Co doesn’t have access to nor does it store this data. Refersion is compliant with and held to strict data privacy and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws.

Where can I see my payment history?

Easy! Just head over to the “My Account” section of the website and click on the tab "Payment History."

Where do I get my unique referral shopping link?

You should receive your unique referral shopping link when you receive your login credentials. You can also find your link in your unique dashboard found in the “My Account” section. You have the option to copy the full link or use Bitly to shorten the link.

How do I shorten my custom link so that it’s easier to type?

To shorten your link, first login to “My Account” in Refersion. On your dashboard you’ll see your unique affiliate link, plus the option to create a Bitly link, which will provide a shortened version of the link for you to copy and paste. NOTE: R+Co is not responsible for missed sales or affiliates due to incorrect use or incorrect shortening of your link.

How and where can I share my referral link?

Share your unique link with all of your clients! Embed your referral link on your website and social media channels for clients to access. Send out emails and text messages alerting clients that they can support you by purchasing R+Co directly through your link. When your client clicks on your dedicated link to shop, the link takes them directly to our site where the system identifies your link and acknowledges that conversion towards your commission earning when they complete a purchase.

What if I work in a salon?

R+Co celebrates every salon, regardless of its size. When developing the affiliate program we wanted to make it easy and accessible for every salon professional. Your salon owner will provide you with the unique referral link and you’ll have to coordinate with him or her to receive your affiliate payouts.

Can the stylists in my salon earn commissions through our affiliate link?

Absolutely! Many of the most successful salons in the affiliate network are thriving by rewarding the whole team through concepts like commissions pools and gamification concepts and team-based incentives through sales using the salon’s customized affiliate link.

How do I sell as an independent stylist?

When developing the affiliate program we wanted to make it easy and accessible for every salon professional. If you’re a member of our independent stylist program please contact pro@randco.com if you’re interested in being registered.

Where can I see my conversions?

Easy! Just head over to the “My Account” section of the Refersion website to access your affiliate dashboard. Click on the "Conversions" tab to track your conversions. Conversions will appear within your dashboard immediately—you’ll be able to see customer details from each conversion.

How do I track my sales and affiliates?

Access your affiliate dashboard in the “My Account” section of the website to track your sales and the commission you earn. We’ve worked with Refersion to disclose the complete customer data related to each of your conversions—that way you can personally thank clients for their support!

Do I need to hit a certain sales quota or amount?

The R+Co affiliate program is totally what you make of it! But, of course, the more purchases you get through your link, the higher your affiliate payouts. You must meet a minimum of $20 in commission before you're able to cash out.

What should I do if it looks like I’m missing a sale?

Email us at affiliates@randco.com and we’ll help track it down! Make sure you include the date and any order numbers associated with the sale to help us understand which sale may be missing from your account.

Can I send my clients to specific products? Or does my link have to go to the full shop?

Yes, you can create your affiliate link to go to a specific page on the randco.com website. To do this you must first login to “My Account” in Refersion. On your dashboard you’ll see an option to create a custom link below your unique affiliate link. Enter in the specific URL to any randco.com page here, and the system will create your specific affiliate link.

Will I be taxed on these sales?

At the close of the calendar tax year, the company will be complying with any applicable federal tax requirements and may issue Form 1099-MISC forms to you and the IRS (depending on certain requirements established by the IRS) for any paid commissions during the calendar year. We recommend you speak with your tax advisor to understand all tax filing requirements

Anything else I should know about the R+Co affiliate program?

At any point in time R+Co can change or edit any aspects of the R+Co affiliate program with notification to its participants. Please note that the rate and payment schedule are a temporary adjustment and will be subject to change once normal business is resumed.