The Answer to Heavenly Hair: New ON A CLOUD Collection

Feb / 10

The Answer to Heavenly Hair: New ON A CLOUD Collection


We attribute stress to our mind, but our hair also experiences stress—think: chemical irritants (bleach, relaxers, perms) and even styling (heat, too much product, over-cleansing, etc.). Such stressors can break the integral bonds that hold together keratin protein, hair’s building blocks. Break those bonds and hair becomes weakened, dull and/or thin. Luckily, stressed hair is on the minds of R+Co pros with the launch of the ON A CLOUD family, featuring Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo, Baobab Oil Masque and Baobab Oil Repair Splash-On Styler. Here, R+Co Vice President of Brand Development Melissa A. Sabatino and R+Co Global Educator Georgia Rew talk about how and why this trio leaves hair absolutely heavenly.


First, what are broken bonds and what causes them? 

MAS: Disulfide bonds hold the amino acids chain of the keratin in the hair cortex. Chemical processes and heat styling weaken these bonds. When bonds break the hair loses its strength and leads to breakage. 


Why is repairing bonds imperative to hair health?

MAS: It helps keep hair from breaking or splitting with the continued color processing services and use of hot tools. In a way, it helps to keep hair in a healthier state so people can continue with their daily hair routines. 


What does the star ingredient, baobab oil, do?

MAS: The oil is rich in lipids and proteins, which are essential to strengthen weakened hair. Plus, it provides nourishment and hydration, and the baobab protein helps to rebuild the keratin bonds in the hair cortex. 


Why did you choose a shampoo, intensive masque and lighter leave-in treatment for this collection?

MAS: The system works synergistically for repair. The oil shampoo gently cleanses, the masque provides most of the repair by penetrating into the cortex, and the leave-in provides the repair benefits throughout the day while also protecting hair from styling processes. 


Speaking of the leave-in: What’s a “Splash-On Styler”?

MAS: The term “Splash-on Styler “ is a spin on traditional leave-in conditioners. The term is commonly seen in K-beauty trends. We wanted to bring newness to market with a leave-in conditioner formula with treatment benefits. 


What do you like most about ON A CLOUD Shampoo?

GR: In addition to baobab it contains maca extract, which stimulates the scalp and boosts nourishment to the hair follicles to promote thicker, stronger hair. Plus, the bubbles are really light and fluffy; the formula doesn’t coat hair and weigh it down.


Who would benefit from Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo?

GR: People who have what I call “busy” hair—hair that’s bleached, chemically relaxed, permed, frequently brushed, and out in the elements a lot. Also, hair that tends to be dry no matter what or certain types of tighter curls that can be dryer.


What is the best way to use the Baobab Oil Masque?

GR: Use it twice a week, depending on the amount of damage. My tip: Always really towel-dry hair before applying because water dilutes the product.


What’s your best tip for using the Splash-On Styler?

GR: Spray it on damp hair and blow-dry; then, once hair is dry, use a little Splash-On Styler as a finisher to seal split ends and give more shine. But, make sure that you spray it on your hands rather than directly on dry hair, and then gently run the styler through.


What makes the Splash-On Styler unique?

GR: Because it’s a leave-in, you have it on your hair throughout the day, and that whole time it’s rebuilding your hair’s bonds—it’s actively fixing your hair throughout the day, which is wild!