Mar / 26



The world has changed seemingly overnight due to COVID-19, but as we evolve our day-to-day lives for the greater good, we must remember to take care of ourselves as well as others—which includes supporting local businesses that are being hit hard by the pandemic. But how can you shop small when your movement is restricted? Here’s a few ways to do it at a distance.

Shop small. Many small businesses that are considered essential remain open—think: coffee shops and grocery stores. Consider picking up your coffee or groceries from one of these small businesses rather than a big chain store. 

Choose delivery. Small businesses, both essential and non-essential, are offering no-contact pickup or home delivery options; give these businesses a boost by purchasing products and using one of these options.

Buy direct. Rather than shopping through third-party sites, seek out your favorite local businesses’ websites—and buy direct from them. 

Share on social. Love your local florist? Do an appreciation post about how great her services are, and tag her business. The more love that can be spread online during this economic downturn, the better the business will be when doors reopen.

When it comes to small businesses, salons and barbershops make us feel our most beautiful; they lift us up when we need confidence. At R+Co, all local salons and barbershops hold a special place in our hearts—and we’re sure your favorite hair spots hold one in your heart, too. As a hair brand with deep ties to our stylist community, we’ve come up with special suggestions for supporting these businesses—from your own home.

Leave a review on Yelp, Google, etc. Boost positivity—and business—during this downtime so that when we emerge from this crisis new customers can more easily find your local salon. 

Comment on and like your hair pro’s posts. There’s no time like the present to keep a sense of community alive, and you can do this on social media easily. Plus, every comment and “like” helps boost your favorite salon’s or hairdresser’s post so it can attract more eyes.

Tag a friend. Spread the word about your local salon or barbershop by tagging your friends in the business’s social media comments.

Schedule your next appointment. Pre-book a few months out. Having those slots filled will help salons immensely when the time comes to reopen.

Buy a gift card. Pre-pay a future appointment for yourself. Or, gift these cards to friends and family members in the healthcare sector that are working on the front lines to thank them for their service.

Purchase R+Co products from a trusted source—your stylist. As tempting as it is to turn to an online retailer to purchase your favorite R+Co products during this time, R+Co has set up an option that allows you to continue to purchase from your trusted salon—and puts cash in their pockets. The new R+Co Affiliate program includes a home-delivery program for salons and their clients. Just ask your salon for its unique URL that links to For each purchase made through their specific links, R+Co will send that salon 40 percent of the sale. 

Now more than ever our salons, barbershops and small businesses need our help; let’s do what we can to see them through this.