R+Co Dry Shampoos: You’ll Want More Than One

Oct / 26

R+Co Dry Shampoos: You’ll Want More Than One


Shampoo: You typically need just one to get the job done. But dry shampoo? That’s another story. Like with any styling product, the formulation, application, function and end result all factor into choosing the right dry shampoo. And, as Adam Federico, R+Co Director of Content, points out, “Not all dry shampoos are designed the same.” Though you may think that dry shampoo simply serves to sop up second day grime and oil, Federico insists there’s more to this workhorse product than meets the eye—and you very well could be a candidate for having more than one dry shampoo in your vanity. Just your luck, R+Co offers four of its own—SPIRITUALIZED Dry Shampoo Mist, BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste, DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo and SKYLINE Dry Shampoo Powder.



An aerosol spray rich in nourishing vitamin E, “DEATH VALLEY absorbs oil and helps promote texture in the hair,” says Federico. “It’s perfect for anyone looking to amplify her hair.” He recommends misting it on dry hair about 10 inches away from the head. “Spray liberally! The more you spray the bigger the volume you’ll build in the hair,” he says.

Federico’s application tip: Spray onto palms and apply to specific areas for added control. Or, create piece-y texture by spraying directly on individual strands.



Light-as-air SPIRITUALIZED functions as dingy hair rehab, ready to calm an itchy scalp or carry you from a workout session to wherever your day leads you. “Spiritualized is excellent for all hair, but especially those people who lead an active lifestyle, sweat a lot and don’t want to traditionally cleanse,” Federico says—which includes lovers of braids, wigs or extensions, too. “Use it for in-between shampooing to remove buildup,” he says.

Federico’s application tip: Shake well, and then spray it six to eight inches away from the root. Let it sit for 30 to 45 seconds before massaging through.


BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste

A dry shampoo in paste form? Yes! BADLANDS reverses dull second-day hair to day-one beauty using volcanic ash to cleanse while its innovative formula lifts and adds volume at the roots. “I personally love BADLANDS—I love that it takes the form of a dry pomade and you can really work it into your desired areas,” Federico says.

Federico’s application tip: Emulsify a dime-size amount in your palms, and then apply it to the root area for added lift or through the mid-shafts and ends to bring out texture within your haircut.


SKYLINE Dry Shampoo Powder

Really not one to shampoo hair often? SKYLINE is your style stretcher—an intense oil-absorber (thanks to diatomaceous earth) that will allow you to go out in public with third- and fourth-day hair. “Skyline is also great for anyone looking for added grip and texture in the hairstyle and who wants to amplify her volume,” Federico explains.

Federico’s application tip: If you’re looking to extend your style for several days, apply SKYLINE off the scalp in the root area, and then blend it through either using your fingers or a brush to encourage texture. Want intense texture in your hair?—Dispense it into your palms and then scrunch hair to activate texture.


Use More Than One!

Their different properties make each R+Co dry shampoo a candidate in your style line-up—but there’s no reason to choose just one. Federico loves this particular combo: “When I’m looking for added lift in the root area, I’ll use BADLANDS for memory and grit and DEATH VALLEY through the mid-shafts and ends to keep the hair soft and touchable with very lightweight supple texture,” he says.