Psychedelic Individualism with Garren: Anna Sui FW21

Feb / 16

Psychedelic Individualism with Garren: Anna Sui FW21


With the craziness of 2020 in the rearview mirror, designer Anna Sui decided to look ahead to a post-pandemic world where optimism is plentiful and swinging ’60s style reigns supreme. Of course, once we break free of life “on pause,” we’ll want to show off hair that feels joyful and best fits us—which is how Garren viewed the individualistic hairstyles he created for Sui’s cast of models. “Anna’s inspiration came from ’60’s psychedelic style, escapism and fantasy. I drew from that with a strong focus on’60’s style with added glam,” he says, adding that he zeroed in on two textures customized to each girl: “volume at the crown and piece-y separation at the bottom,” he shares. Here, Garren breaks down the R+Co BLEU products needed to get the looks.


Hair by Garren


Get Hanne’s Look (Top Left)

Hair Type: Dry, Frizzy, Processed

1.     Apply SUPER STYLING CRÉME on damp hair.

2.     Blow-dry to reduce frizz and create a low side part with a smooth bang.

3.     Run OPTICAL ILLUSION SMOOTHING OIL over ends for smooth, piecey texture.

4.     Spray FEATHERLIGHT HAIRSPRAY on roots to lend lift and texture.


Get Lara’s Look (Top Center)

Hair Type: Long, Straight, Fine

1.     Apply MAGNIFIER THICKENING SPRAY to damp hair.

2.     Blow-dry hair upside-down to create as much volume as possible.

3.     Mist on LIFESTYLER VOLUME & TEXTURE SPRAY to increase volume and piecey texture.


Get Christina’s Look (Top Right)

Hair Type: Long, Thick, Straight

1.     Spray ESSENTIAL HAIR TONIC on damp hair and let it air-dry naturally.

2.     Apply OPTICAL ILLUSION SMOOTHING OIL on the ends to create piecey texture.


Get Dilone’s Look (Bottom Right)

Hair Type: Thick, Curly

1.     Apply SURREAL STYLING SERUM to wet hair and diffuse curls.

2.     Run OPTICAL ILLUSION SMOOTHING OIL through the ends to create separation and enhance definition in the curls.


Get Issa’s Look (Bottom Left)

Hair Type: Thin, Slight Wave, Processed

1.     Apply SUPER STYLING CRÉME  to damp hair.

2.     Blow-dry upside-down to create volume.

3.     Draw a deep side part with a smooth side bang.

4.     Add piecey texture and high shine on the bottom half of hair using OPTICAL ILLUSION SMOOTHING OIL.