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All eyes will be on your hair with CENTERPIECE All-In-One Elixir Spray, which delivers everything you could need in one outstanding formula. Infused with rich oils, the styling spray detangles, hydrates minimizes frizz, repairs, and fortifies hair—all without weighing it down, so you can make a statement in a single spritz. And to reflect the power of a lone showstopper, R+Co tapped Brittany Asch, a florist and founder of floral project BRRCH, to create the bottle design. Since 2011, New York-based Asch has been dreaming up unique and almost surreal floral arrangements that upend expectations and stand out on their own terms, which is exactly what CENTERPIECEaims to do. Here, Asch shares more about her work.

What sparked your interest in flowers and arrangements?
It seemed like a nice way to spend time. I developed an insatiable curiosity. It was a bit like Alice following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole.

Can you tell us a bit more about your inspirations and the process behind your arrangements?
I like to create things that will make people marvel for a moment. Life is so full of hardship, so I hope the moments people spend looking at my flower pieces help alleviate some of those universal ailments of living in modern society. That marvel and spark can hopefully become a reference point and feeling to follow. I also like to infuse the pieces with a spirit that bucks the fears of falling outside of convention.

When you put together an arrangement, what is the first decision you have to make?
I like to consider numbers and budget first. After that, I can enter the design realm with a greater understanding of the scope of the project and the other variables that must be considered.

Could you tell us about your business? What kind of floristry services do you offer?
It has changed over the years. I started out doing mostly weddings, then I stopped doing weddings and now I’ll do some weddings. I do a lot of editorial work and events, along with creating set pieces for film and television, art commissions, creative direction, and consulting. I think maybe I will open a shop at some point too. I’ve liked to keep things small for the most part but now I crave more interface with the people who love BRRCH. I want to meet them all.

How do you bring innovation into your floral designs?
It’s not a conscious effort. I am constantly fine tuning internally, and I feel that inherently reflects in my work.

Do you ever incorporate flowers into a hairstyle? If so, could you tell us how?
Yes. It’s usually with a bobby pin (or many) and often braids.

What types of hair products do you typically use?
I keep it mostly to a hair balm to reduce frizz, hair oil for my ends, and dry shampoo for when it’s needed.

Why did you decide to partner with R+Co?
I love that people can have a little piece of BRRCH in their homes, even if it’s not in the form of living flowers.

Who or what was the inspiration around the design that you provided for CENTERPIECE All-In-One Elixir Spray?
Florence Welch, who coincidentally has a beautiful head of hair.

What flowers did you use for the CENTERPIECE design?
[I used] seasonal spring products: peonies, clematis, roses, ferns, and some baby’s breath.

What is your favorite flower that is included in the CENTERPIECE design?
My BRRCH signature: the pink reflexed rose.