Behind The R+Co x Jenny Cho Collaboration

Jul / 14

Behind The R+Co x Jenny Cho Collaboration


When celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho joined the R+Co Collective, she was asked, “If you could create your dream styling products, what would they be?” As a vanguard of intentionally organic, undone hair looks, Cho thought about what she would desire for the type of styles she creates: formulas that are easily layered without compromising airy texture and straightforward products that require nothing more than a mist, a twist and maybe a hair flip—no need for brushes, tools or, in some cases, even hands. “I wanted to bring both stylists and consumers products that are very easy to understand and use as well as—most importantly—ones that deliver performance,” Cho says. The results: RAINLESS Dry Cleansing Conditioner and VELVET CURTAIN Cotton Touch Texture Balm. Here, she talks about the backstories behind the two new products.


How did you discover R+Co?

Word travels fast amongst stylists! I remember I saw products on a display one day when I was walking by a salon. I was immediately attracted to the uniqueness of the packaging and, once I found out who was behind the whole brand, I was dying to get my hands on it.


What was the R+Co product you immediately fell in love with?

Jenny Cho: My love-at-first-sight product was BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste. It was the first of its kind for me and I was hooked and obsessed!


You take an organic approach to hair. Why is it so important to have supportive products for looks that feel intentionally natural?

Jenny Cho: For me, products that support these types of looks are crucial; you have to be able to layer the right products to create texture in the strands for the right movement and control of the hair.


What was your thought process behind RAINLESS?

Jenny Cho: I wanted to create something straightforward and easy to use without tools. RAINLESS is a “hands-free” mist spray that refreshes the scalp and brings curls back to life. When I need to change the texture or refresh a texture, I can mist, reset and take care of any unwanted frizz in some cases.


As someone who likes texture in your styles, how does VELVET CURTAIN help you create them?

Jenny Cho: With VELVET CURTAIN, I’m able to change the way the hair reflects in the light. For instance: I love the way second-day hair gives off a low, velvety glow, and this product mimics that effect.


How do you use VELVET CURTAIN?

Jenny Cho: I love using VELVET CURTAIN to separate the strands so the hair feels airy and light.


Between RAINLESS and VELVET CURTAIN, which do you use on your own hair the most and why?

Jenny Cho: Oooh, I have made both RAINLESS and VELVET CURTAIN part of my daily routine! I use VELVET CURTAIN after I get out of the shower and let my hair air-dry. When I wake up the next day, I just mist RAINLESS all-over and right at the root, massage with my fingers and my second-day hair gets a boost so I don’t have to wash my hair. Then, I’ll run VELVET CURTAIN through my hair again. The most amazing thing about the two products is that you can never go wrong or use too much where you have to wash your hair or redo it. They can both be layered over and over again without running into a sticky situation!