Achieve Your Best Blonde With Richy Kandasamy

Sep / 8

Achieve Your Best Blonde With Richy Kandasamy


Whether you’re all-over blonde or gray, or have partial highlights and face-framing brightness, brassiness and dullness don’t have a place in cool-girl color.


“Blondes have more fun, but we all know fun doesn’t last forever,” says Richy Kandasamy, the newest member of the R+Co Collective. For 25 years, Richy has entrenched himself within the world of professional hair color—educating on color technique, placement, formulation and trend. He has collaborated at Fashion Weeks around the globe, editorials and advertising photoshoot work.


Richy serves as the color category expert within the Collective and has been hands-on in the launch of your new go-to when it comes to bright, nourished blonde: SUNSET BLVD Blonde Toning Masque.


SUNSET BLVD helps rejuvenate vibrant color by correcting uninvited, dull, yellow hues and preventing fading, oxidation and yellow-tones. Formulated with naturally derived pigments, from the Violet Flower complex, this luxe masque is all you need to tone on your own. Thanks to its deep purple color, it corrects uninvited, dull, yellow hues and prevents fading, oxidation and brassiness, while imparting shine, in 5-10 minutes.


Here, Richy shares how you can achieve your best blonde—with the help of SUNSET BLVD and beyond.


What are the current trends in blonding?

Richy: In the summertime when complexions are warmer—traditionally cool blondes look best on warm tones, so we’re seeing a lot of cool tones. In colder months, warm blondes start to reemerge. The tone plays the most important role in making sure you are happy with your color results—if your skin-tone is warm it doesn’t mean you can’t go red, for example, you just need to do a cool red. You need contrast. The face is like a painting and the hair is like the frame—you need balance.


Will all blondes benefit from using the SUNSET BLVD masque? 

Richy: Using SUNSET BLVD Blonde Toning Masque at least once a week helps make sure a blonde’s fun is long-term. Whether warm or cool, this masque will address the tone and the condition of the hair at the same time—blondes need this kind of double love. Warm blondes who want to stay warm, and likely even some brunettes, will also benefit from this masque—by leaving it on for just a few minutes the incredible conditioning effects and soft control of tone is transformative.


Any other tips on blonde care outside of toning?

Richy: Blondes will always need more maintenance because when you lighten you’re playing around with the integrity of the hair. It’s critical to be gentle with blondes and to nourish strands with cool water, lowering the temperature of tools and regularly use masques.